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Boost Calls with Real-Time Visuals

Elevate your customer interactions to the next level. With Liveshare, you can now add a visual component to your phone conversations. This allows you to present information in real-time, making it easier to close sales and solve issues on the first call.

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Simplify Complex

Your team excels in communication but faces the challenge of explaining complex topics verbally. Liveshare provides a solution by allowing you to guide customers through these subjects step-by-step, offering a visual narrative for easier comprehension.

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Seamless setup
and Integration

One click and your session is live. Our simple web link can be easily integrated anywhere—your dialer, script, knowledge base, or even as a desktop bookmark.

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Who Can Benefit from

Liveshare is ideal for organizations consistently engaged in phone conversations with their customers. Whether you are a large multinational company or a small company, Liveshare adapts to your specific needs and helps you communicate more effectively and efficiently with your customers.

Inbound & Outbound

Whether you're making calls to customers or receiving them, Liveshare enhances the effectiveness of every conversation.

First and Second Line Support

Elevate customer satisfaction and resolution times with visual aids, whether for simple queries or complex issues.

Applicable for Sales and Service

Whether you're selling a product or supporting a customer, Liveshare adds value to the conversation.

B2C en B2B

Suitable for both consumer-facing and B2B environments, Liveshare can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each.

HR, Government, and Healthcare

Even in specialized sectors, Liveshare can streamline and improve communication.

The Impact
of Liveshare

Elevate your NPS scores with enhanced customer satisfaction.

Reduce call durations for complex topics.

Boost sales conversion by 15-35%

Close higher-value deals through effective visualization

Where creativity
meets technolgy

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