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The messaging steps to take for marketing in 2020

28 januari 2020

Geplaatst door Marcel Dijkgraaf

Techhead / Trendwatcher

The basis of mobile marketing

Messaging is the basis of mobile marketing and can take many different forms these days. To get it right, you must walk the fine line between your marketing goals and customer experience.

But when you get it right, this form of marketing gets you as close to your customers as you can get… 24-7.

Now that WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat have become available for companies, it adds a welcome addition to the quiver of a Mobile Marketing Leader. For each of your mobile user you can select the most appropriate channel, with SMS as robust fallback scenario.

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A valuable Dutch example to achieve your goal and delight your customer is this Volkswagen PON Financial Services campaign with 89% positive feedback.

Steps for you to take:

  • Build valuable messaging experiences for your customers, with the right interaction and in the right channel
  • Gather fine-grained preferences of your customers regarding your communication
  • Create a base layer of messaging interactions and campaign to prepare a basis for conversational user interactions

These steps will help your company to prepare for a conversational 2020

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