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Nova One Technology  –  Conversational


AI-Based Technologie

Wij leveren slimme, op maat gemaakte tools en technologieën voor jouw organisatie. Ons aanbod varieert van commerciële conversie-gerichte campagnes tot non-commerciële oplossingen.

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Darwin Platform


Artificial Intelligence and automated conversations are changing brand engagement. Our conversational AI platform empowers you to meet your strategic goals and stay relevant.


The Nova One Platform

With Nova One you can meet your customers where they are and engage with AI supported customer agents.

❯ ‏‏‎ ‎‎‎No forms or buttons

If you use channels like WhatsApp or SMS you will need to get hold of data from a user like  name and address details. Normally you would be putting that into a form. With Nova One you will gather accurate data without visual confirmation, yet fully compliant with your required purpose.

In our vision we push towards a fully conversational platforms instead of a form based platforms and to reach that we create artificial intelligence conversations that can go anywhere and evolve into real conversations.

❯ ‏‏‎ ‎‎‎Campaign Manager

The Conversational Campaign Manager links your adds with your conversation starters and the specific team of Supervisor Agents. The start of the conversations are completely controlled by UI, but if necessary, or desired, the conversation can be routed to an specific agent.

❯ ‏‏‎ ‎‎‎Supervisor Agent UI

The multi-channel agent interface enables the agent to handle with different customer interactions simultaneously and via multiple channels. The agent can then freely switch between sessions. The first interaction with the customer are handled by a Nova One chatbot. 

You can interact with your customer in their preferred channel WhatsApp,  SMS, Webchat and many more

The Supervisor Agent UI will give your agent the view to connect to customers in a faster knowledgeable way. Handle the responses of creative outbound campaigns that build your brand, customer loyalty and open new revenue streams. The simple and intuitive UI will have a very low agent training time, and will improve agent performance.

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Conversational Travel Experience
Conversational Travel Experience

Darwin Platform

You have tons of Knowledge in your back-ends containing the valuable information that your customer is looking for.


Spread Knowledge

With Nova One you can turn that data and knowledge into digital experiences and create value at scale. With all the data, skills and knowledge that your domain experts have created you can offload that into Darwin. And you can turn their knowledge and skills into intelligent apps, but most of all, give answers and spread that knowledge throughout your organization.

❯ ‏‏‎ Question Answering

Question Answering (QA) with the Nova One platform will utilize the latest AI models and give you human level performance which would have been unimaginable 2 years ago. Nova One will show you how far AI has come in understanding both syntax and semantics.

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