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Vodafone Sales

Vodafone employs outbound call centers to engage leads and existing customers eligible for contract extensions. Previously, the common bottleneck was the customers’ request to see offers in written form or their wish to visit a physical store for phone comparisons. This often meant the deal remained open-ended post-conversation.

Example Liveshare for Vodafone

Why Liveshare

With Liveshare, agents can instantly display a variety of product options right during the call. This level of visual support ensures both the customer and agent are quite literally ‘on the same page,’ simplifying explanations and clarifying options.

The direct result? An immediate boost in the customer’s understanding and confidence, assuring them they’re getting a stellar value-for-money deal.

A remarkable 35% increase in conversion rates

A significant reduction in inconclusive calls

Notable rise in higher-value deals through
effective visualization

Example Liveshare for Vodafone

Why Liveshare

From instantly showing 3D models of the latest smartphones to creating a visual recap of the sales call – Liveshare makes the buyer’s journey eassier and way smoother.

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