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Vattenfall’s Liveshare

Vattenfall utilizes Liveshare to assist customers seeking a “home electric car charging point.

Liveshare’s New Input Module

When employing Liveshare, agents can first present the various options to

In the past it then still consumed a substantial amount of time to
ascertain the specifics of the customer’s home situation and determine the
optimal method for charging point installation.

With the introduction of the new input module, customers can now promptly
capture and share photos with the agent during their phone conversation. This
enhancement saves time and significantly streamlines the process, resulting in
an increased rate of ‘first call resolution’ for new order intakes. Agents happy &
customer happy.

This capability can, of course, be extended to other intricate technical
installations, such as solar panel setups or expedited inspections (e.g., rooftop
assessments, vehicle damage, or other defects or issues).

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