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Together we create any type of Conversational Experience  For your own organization, your current customers or potential leads & cliënts. Inbound, outbound, anybound.

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Conversational Marketing

Combining a conversation-based approach with a visual experience.

Customer Service

Listening to, understanding and helping your customers.

AI Tools

Making (internal) processes easier, quicker and more productive.

Listen, Understand,
React, Repeat.

Nova One technology enables you to interact with a user in a natural way. It’s like a natural conversation. You enable your services and campaigns to listen, understand and react.

✔ Best in blending UI & AI

Creating the best UX

✔ Flexible integration

Any channel & Platform

✔ On Premise

Saas & Supports 250+ languages

✔ End-to-end

with CRM & Asset Management systems

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Researched & Developed

A completely conversational booking experience?

We had to try making it! And so we did.


The value of unanswered customer questions

Most companies consider their customer service as a cost item. Perhaps rightly so. Each caller costs an average of 15 euros…


Great. Chatbots that get sarcasm.

It’s the goal of every chatbot to make conversation as natural and “human” as possible…

Cliënts & Partnerships

Experienced in working with large scale organisations